FusionBB is End of Life

May 1, 2014

As you are aware, we haven't had a new release in 3 years. Many FusionBB customers have moved on to other forum products. It probably won't be a surprise, and is long overdue in formal announcement, but we are officially discontinuing FusionBB and it is EOL (End of Life) as of May 1, 2014. This means there will be no future updates, and no official support for the product.

For those looking for an alternative, I personally don't have any experience migrating from FusionBB to another product. But I am told by other former customers that IPB has an import tool from FusionBB. I am also aware that some have switched to VBulletin. Unfortunately I can't offer any specific advice on those options, as I haven't experienced them myself. But I believe those folks can help.

For customers needing the final version download, you'll find the ZIP located here.

For those who have supported FusionBB over the years, your support and kindness over the years is appreciated.

Joshua Pettit
President, FusionBB